Bloomington Indiana

Bloomington Indiana w/ Teal Strabbing – There are two defining characteristics that have shaped this Indiana town and its people: the land and the university. The hills, forests, and lakes provide a sanctuary; one that is valued and protected. The limestone is quarried and milled by hard-working Hoosiers, and turned into beautiful buildings and sculptures throughout the area and the nation. Students and faculty from across the country and the world flock to Indiana University, bringing ideas and dreams to a community that embraces them all. It’s a place that nurtures artists and scientists, farmers and philosophers, athletes and musicians. It’s a community of aspirations and inspirations, a breeding ground for transformations. Welcome to Bloomington. 

Bloomington is many things to many people, and we strive to connect those who make this city unique with the visitors we are so eager to welcome here. Visit Bloomington is the destination marketing organization for Bloomington and Monroe County, Indiana. We work alongside local partners to deliver information on events, attractions, and accommodations to future visitors, positively impacting the local economy and culture through tourism development. We tell the story of Bloomington and welcome our local partners to help shape a prosperous future for the city.

Tourism has a deep impact on Bloomington, from the encouragement of cultural offerings to the economic benefits. Our staff are all passionate about this city’s assets and its potential for continued growth. If you’d like to visit us, please take a look at our Visitors Center on North Walnut. If you’re interested in partnering with Visit Bloomington, there are many ways to get involved.

Bloomington Indiana

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