Faith & Liberty Discovery Center

Faith & Liberty Discovery Center with Lisa Arrell – Welcome to the Faith and Liaerty Discovery Center. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you believe, we hope that as you engage with our “Visions of America” online exhibit—and our plans for opening the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center on Philadelphia’s historic Independence Mall—you find a piece of yourself in the story of America.

American values like faith, liberty, justice, hope, unity and love have shaped our country and formed us as a people. These same values have motivated some of our greatest cultural moments and political achievements from independence, to emancipation, to women’s suffrage, and to civil rights. And these values have pulled us through the nation’s darkest days of war, domestic strife, and terrorist attacks. We invite you to explore these values, their source, and the incredible lives of people they have inspired from America’s founding through today.

We hope that as you step into this journey of exploration, you will discover that these stories of great Americans—and the values they embraced—remain the values that unite us today. And we hope these values are an inseparable part of your story, too.

Faith And Liberty Center

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