Lincoln Nebraska CVB

Lincoln Nebraska CVB w/ Kelsey Meyer – First of all, Lincoln is easy to get to. And once you’re here, it’s easy to get around. We’re less than a day’s drive from key Midwestern cities like Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago, and not to mention our airport accepts connections from several locations across the U.S. Once inside city limits, the precious time you normally wasted in traffic jams is yours for the using, ideally on revolutionary brainstorm sessions or deal-sealing negotiations. Even our city’s atmosphere lends itself to productive gatherings: clean, safe, beautiful and full of helpful, interesting citizens who take a special pleasure in welcoming out-of-towners.

We also hope you’ll occasionally let yourself be distracted from the business at hand. Our acres of parkland, thriving nightlife/music/arts scene, and delectable array of palate-pleasing restaurants are sure to keep you from being all work and no play.

Lastly (and perhaps most importantly), a business trip to Lincoln will leave your pocketbook impressively unharmed. What can we say? We know how to do life right, here.

Lincoln Nebraska CVB

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